Jesus as a Teacher Are you ready to live his teachings in the 21st century? Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. Please upgrade your browser.
Jesus as a Teacher Are you ready to live his teachings in the 21st century? Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. Please upgrade your browser.
Jesus as a Teacher Are you ready to live his teachings in the 21st century? Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. Please upgrade your browser.

The 10th international conference of

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The 10th international conference of Urantia Association International from 12 — 15 April 2018

Jesus as a Teacher: are you ready to live his teachings in the 21st century?

The Urantia Association of The Netherlands (Stichting Urantia Nederlandstalig - SUN -) invites you to the 10th International Conference of Urantia Association International, which will take place at the Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst, near Amsterdam. This event will last from Thursday evening 12th of April until Sunday morning 15th of April 2018. The language spoken during the conference will be English but we are offering simultaneous translations for Spanish (by Serapis Murillo) and French (by Christopher Moseley).

This conference will be fully focused on ‘Jesus as a Teacher’.

How did Jesus develop as a true teacher? What methods did he apply, both then and now? And what are the most important lessons he wanted to teach us so that we, as we can read in paper 195, can develop ourselves as new leaders? Spiritual men and women, fully trusting in the teaching of Jesus.

Inspirational; from paper 195:

But paganized and socialized Christianity stands in need of new contact with the uncompromised teachings of Jesus; it languishes for lack of a new vision of the Master’s life on earth. A new and fuller revelation of the religion of Jesus is destined to conquer an empire of materialistic secularism and to overthrow a world sway of mechanistic naturalism. Urantia is now quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment.
Religion does need new leaders, spiritual men and women who will dare to depend solely on Jesus and his incomparable teachings. If Christianity persists in neglecting its spiritual mission while it continues to busy itself with social and material problems, the spiritual renaissance must await the coming of these new teachers of Jesus’ religion who will be exclusively devoted to the spiritual regeneration of men. And then will these spirit-born souls quickly supply the leadership and inspiration requisite for the social, moral, economic, and political reorganization of the world.

The program will provide space for many international readers of the Urantia Book, people who have studied the book for many years and who can help us to better understand this Fifth Revelation. The emphasis of the program will be laid on learning through experience and exchange in small groups.

During the coming year, the program will be further developed and we will keep you posted on this website.

A renewed intention

We have been challenged to set up this conference in a completely different way. More speakers will appear before you with a short presentation (10—15 minutes). After each presentation participants sit together in small groups (that have been assigned in advance) to engage themselves in the subject addressed by the speaker, the so-called break-out sessions.

Fixed groups

We have designed this conference based on The Group Dynamic Model by David Linthicum. Participants are assigned to a group by the organization and will stay together during all days of the conference. These permanent groups consist of about eight people, they support our goal for this conference which is a deeper study and insight in the Urantia papers.

In-depth study

The presenters provide assignments; cross references and/or questions for group discussion, which are intended to lead to new and deeper understanding and experience in order to connect the theoretical concepts of the Urantia Book with everyday life. Each group works on the same assignments, this being in accordance with George Michelson Dupont’s vision, who developed this study.

Maximum participation

By combining the model of fixed groups with the method of in-depth study all attendees are invited to participate in the process and all will have equal possibility to express their individual thoughts and to give their input.


Saturday afternoon there will be rotating workshops. Participants can indicate in advance which workshops they want to follow. Workshops and workshop leaders are expected to be presented on the website by the end of the year, there after participants can register for their choice.
Workshop placement is limited, so keep an eye on it!

Social contacts

Between presentations and group work, much space has been left for socializing and networking, to meet old and new friends and acquaintances. There are a number of other possibilities like a walk along the bulb fields, work-out in the gym, take a dip in the swimming pool or just relax before the next session starts.


On both Friday and Saturday night performances have been scheduled by professional artists. On Friday evening Iris Kroes takes us with her in a harp and vocal performance. Saturday Pato Banton and Antoinette Hall will treat us to their special performance.

UYAI Post-Conference

The UYAI (Urantia Young Adults International) is organizing a Post-Conference immediately after this conference. You'll find more info here.
Keep in mind that the UYAI Post-Conference is not part of this conference.