Jesus as a Teacher Are you ready to live his teachings in the 21st century? Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. Please upgrade your browser.
Jesus as a Teacher Are you ready to live his teachings in the 21st century? Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. Please upgrade your browser.
Jesus as a Teacher Are you ready to live his teachings in the 21st century? Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. Please upgrade your browser.

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La 10e conférence internationale de l'

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Plenary Presentations

During the conference you'll have plenary presentations followed by break-out sessions. Below you'll find in random order most of the plenary presentations:

The Eyedropper, spoon and shovel

By: David Linthicum

As we examine Jesus as a teacher what can we take from his example that will guide us today? The eyedropper, spoon and shovel analogy offers a unique perspective on Jesus’ discerning approaches when conversing with the men and women of his age, the masses that heard his public teachings, as well as the Apostles who were chosen to carry his messages to the four corners of the world.

Be the Light of the World

By: Gaétan G. Charland

This presentation will focus on how to become the light of the world by using multiple examples and lessons taken from different papers in the life of Jesus. We will explore how different spiritual practices can enhance dramatically who we are and how we influence others in our daily life. How this affects how we share the teachings.

Gaétan Charland

He was born in 1949 in Canada and had a very early interest in religion. He found the Urantia Book in 1979 when he was desperately seeking for spiritual truth. Attended his first study group in 1987 and in 1999, he became the president of the Quebec Urantia Association.

In 2003 Gaétan was nominated president of Urantia Association International where he served in this position for 10 years. He is now the Chair of the Study Group Committee for UAI.

The mission of IUA is what motivates him the most for it calls for the best in him. Hosting two study groups of his own since 1999, he can identify very well with the mission of IUA and the Revelators’ directive to create thousands of study groups.

Living the Gospel and Proclaiming with Power in the 21st Century

By: Jeffrey

Jeff is devoted to Jesus’ gospel movement; and he helps in the construction of the new philosophy of living 2:7 (43). His talk is based on his current personal growth project: to learn to love God supremely and the neighbour as oneself. He will ask about the two circuits of love [1:0.2 (21.2), 117:6.10 (1289.3)] and the levels of meaning in the golden rule (147:4/1650-51). And how we gain the power needed for the challenges of the 21st century [120:1.3 (1325.5) , 194:0 (2059) , 194:3 (2062-66) , 195:9 (2082)].

Lessons from My Master

By: Pato Banton

Minister Pato Banton will deliver a though provoking presentation to discuss the preparation necessary for Urantia Book Readers who desire to be of service in harmony with our Celestial Family.

The Urantia Book says: WITH God the Father, sonship is the great relationship. With God the Supreme, achievement is the prerequisite to status — one must do something as well as be something. [115:0.1 (1260.1)]

With this in mind Minister Pato Banton will give the audience an opportunity to explore Jesus' Teachings on what we must BE as the prerequisite for the natural fruit bearing of what we naturally begin to DO!

Minister Pato Banton is also a grammy nominated reggae legend that has recorded and toured the world with The English Beat, Steel Pulse, UB40 & STING! (to name just a few). Although his four-decade career has earned him a place in the British Music Hall of Fame and a BBC Lifetime Achievement Award, his journey has increasingly transcended the music business into arenas of community work to reduce gun crime, youth outreach, teaching in schools and colleges, writing new curriculum for children with learning disabilities and global spiritual ministry. Now based in Southern California, he continues to record and tour the world extensively with his wife Antoinette Rootsdawtah, conveying a positive & very spiritual message, while simultaneously hosting two International Urantia Study Groups every week, serving as a Teacher, Counselor, Mentor & Minister “of the verb” to his Fans, Friends & Spiritual Family.

To learn more about Pato & Antoinette's Global Ministry go to: & Our Global Ministry on YouTube.

Jesus and Politics: How do we reconcile Living in the Kingdom and Living in the World?

By: Richard Jernigan

As readers, how do the teachings of the Urantia Book inform our politics?

How should they inform our politics?

Jesus was fully cognizant of our world’s political and economic problems: He recognized the need for social justice and industrial fairness, but he offered no rules for their attainment [140:8.15 (1581.2)]. Jesus’ great focus was to teach us without qualification that God is our loving father and that we are all brothers and sisters.

This session will allow us to ponder the political diversity within our own community, and to productively dialogue about these concerns in context of how the Urantia Book has informed our thinking on issues of politics, economics, and social issues.

To Be as Masterful a Teacher as the Master

By: André Radatus

André Radatus explores the process of spiritual growth. He shines some light on the unconscious process that exerts a major influence on the receptiveness of individuals to new knowledge.

He emphasizes the importance of experience in the process of learning and growing of the individual in combination with communion with the Father, the teacher within.

These are very important learning factors to be aware of for all who want to be a teacher of the lessons from the Master.

My One Pet Evil: Jesus at the Border of Evolution and Revelation

By: Chris Wood

Jesus set rigorous standards for his gospel messengers which challenged the devotion of his would-be followers. This speech examines the struggle to understand one such requirement and how to apply these standards to our current revelation.

For those who are unable to attend, you can catch the presentations via live broadcast at: This site also gives you information on the upcoming schedule of presentations throughout the conference.